The first volume of State of the Planet (SP) will be the 7th edition of the Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report (OSR 7). While SP generally applies an initial posting of new manuscripts as preprints, followed by a public peer review with interactive public discussion, OSR 7 will not disclose the report chapters before completion of the peer review. That means, the manuscripts will only be accessible for reviewers and the OSR 7 report chapters will be freely accessible once they are finally accepted, produced, and published. The latter is foreseen for September 2023.

As part of the Copernicus Marine Service, the annual Copernicus Ocean State Report (OSR) launched in 2015 is the key tool of its ocean reporting framework. The OSR reports on the state, variability, and ongoing changes in the marine environment of the global ocean and the European regional seas over the past decades up to close to real time. Using observation-based (remote sensing, in situ) and ocean reanalysis data, the OSR provides a comprehensive 4-dimensional (latitude, longitude, depth, and time) analysis of the Blue, Green, and White Ocean.

The OSR is intended to act as a reference, providing a unique ocean monitoring dashboard for the scientific community and for policy makers and others with decision making responsibilities.